• In the Chemical Park, there is a modern, well developed road network, having a length of 34 kilometres.

  • Three federal roads run through the Anhalt-Bitterfeld District: B 100, B 183 and B 184.

  • The District has three junctions to the north-south motorway A 9.

  • There is a direct access road from the Chemical Park to the junction of the A 9 motorway

  • Regiobahn Bitterfeld-Berlin operates a track network of around 39 kilometres on the premises of the Chemical Park

  • For railway transports, there is direct connection to the track network of Deutsche Bahn.

  • The Leipzig/Halle Airport can be reached within a 30 minutes drive on the motorways A9 and A14.

  • The international airports in the Capital Berlin are approx. 150 kilometres away only